Social Studies

7th Grade

Right now in class we are working on enlightenment and absolutism. Enlightenment was a time when people started to think of the reason of why humans exist. Absolutism means that one person or group runs a government.

I just finished taking a test on colonization and the Atlantic Slave Trade and scored a 100. I studied last night so everything seemed easy to me. Also this morning I studied with some friends. I think peer review helps because, you learn more when you have fun doing it.

These past few days we were working on stations about the Atlantic Slave trade and the Columbian Exchange. Today I watched two videos about these subjects. The first one was interesting because, it showed that in a movie theater, we would not have Coke, popcorn, or candy if it weren't for the Columbian Exchange. The second video showed how much the Europeans tortured the African Slaves. They apparently cut off  the slaves ear if they were purchased! That's disgusting!

I am exited for social studies this year. Looking forward to learn.

Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Social Studies:

I will use this page to reflect on all that I am learning about social studies and the world around me.  Specifically, I will be working to answer the essential questions that we are studying in social studies class over the next few years.  Those essential questions are linked below.

Sixth Grade Social Studies Essential Questions

Sixth Grade:
With EOGs coming up, we need to look back on what we did this year.

Ancient Americas:  
There was three major civilizations. The Maya, Inca, and Aztech

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