Big Ideas I'm Working to Learn in Science:
7th grade:

We just took a quiz on the water cycle and precipitation. Here are some things that I learned. Snow falls when there is a constant temperature as it falls. Sleet happens when snow melts and re-freezes in the air. Freezing rain is when snow melts and does not have enough time to re-freeze in the air so it freezes on the ground.

Atmosphere Quiz
Today we had a quiz on the atmosphere. As you see I scored 15/15 which is a 100%. I think I scored well because I studied the quizlet for it last night and took my time and thought about the questions for a while.

I learned a lot about the atmosphere these past weeks. I learned about the 4 layers, (troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and the thermosphere). I also learned that we should be thankful about our atmosphere because, if we did not have it the Earth would not be habitable.

I will use this page to reflect on all that I am learning about science and the world around me.  Specifically, I will be working to answer the essential questions that we are studying in science class over the next few years.  Those essential questions are linked below.

Sixth Grade Science Essential Questions

Sixth Grade

Science Vocab Quiz

I have mastered the vocabulary for the ecosystems unit in science.

Mr. Ferriter let us choose the type of questions we wanted (multiple choice, true or false, written, or matching). We could also choose the amount of questions we wanted (as long as it was at least 10).

I did 20 questions on multiple choice and got them all right.

The reason for my good work is because I studied. If anybody wants to do good on a test you must study.

Study. Study. Study.

I hope to write in this section of my blog much more.

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