Matter Unit Test

After weeks of studying matter we had a unit test. I scored a 93% on it.

That means I got two questions wrong.

The first question I got wrong was this:

"Four materials are put into small containers. These materials are then moved from the small containers into large containers. Which materials will spread out to completely fill larger container?"
A. air
B. ice
C. sand
D. water

I chose water because, I knew that it could change shape. I just did not read the word "completely," so I got it wrong. The correct answer is air.

The second one I got wrong was:

"Within a substance, atoms that collide frequently and move independently of one another are most likely in which state of matter?"
A. liquid
C. gas
D. solid

I chose liquid because, I thought if they collide frequently they will be a liquid, but liquids slid past one another. The correct answer was C.

I definitely could have gotten a higher score. My pretest score was a 67% (and that's when we did not learn anything yet). Myt grade raised by 26%!