Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Norm of the North" Teaches a Good Lesson

Last weekend I watched a movie called "Norm of the North".

This movie has some terrible reviews on Google, but I really enjoyed it.

The movie is about a polar bear named Norm and a businessman who wants to build homes in the arctic.  Norm has to stop humans from building homes in the arctic. He has a special ability to speak in "human". With this ability he has to save the arctic from the humans.

In real life animals in the arctic cannot save themselves and their habitat. As humans we must step up and save it for them. The move shows how helpless animals can be when they are abused and when humans are taking their habitat.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Quizlet Helpful?

Sorry about the bad Video Quality
In my opinion Quizlet is amazing. 

It helps me study for my tests and can even support different languages (which is very useful for Spanish).

In the video above, I show you a quick tour of the Quizlet app. If you cannot download the app you can simply go to It has all the same things as the app, plus another game called "gravity" which is very helpful if you want to memorize the spelling of words.

On top of all that you can create your own Quizlets or just simply search one up. 

I hope to use Quizlet in the many test and quizzes to come.